About Us

SafetyLockout.com is a brand new website dedicated to lockout/tagout products and devices specific to safety lockout needs.

Lockout-tagout is a critical safety protocol that we take to heart. 

The SafetyLockout.com site offering includes a diverse range of brands and products to meet or exceed Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA] Lockout /Tagout (1910.147) standards and regulations. These products will help maintain compliance with OSHA mandates for business and industrial environments as long as they are used correctly with proper implementation of safety lockout/tagout procedures.

Lockout/Tagout citations are the fifth most common OSHA citation for Fiscal Year 2014. Please, take advantage of the products and resources we have to offer so that you can keep your workers safe and avoid fines.

We are passionate about the safety industry and look forward to helping you keep your workers safe in their work when lockout / tagout procedures are necessary.

Thank you and Be Safe and Secure!

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